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Innovation often follows the straightest path. In bone grafting, attention to basic fundamentals has always been the key to the best and most predictable clinical outcomes. Historically, bone itself is the best substrate for new bone formation. SpartanFuse100 DBM Putty is simply comprised of human bone and buffered water.

SpartanFuse100 DBM Putty is:
• Made from 100% human bone
• Osteoconductive- DBM provides an ideal scaffold that directs and supports bone formation.
• Osteoinductive
• Excellent handling characteristics- will shape and conform to fill unique bony voids-retains shape and will not wash away or migrate with lavage.
• Easy storage and use- stores at room temperature and ready for immediate use; no prep time or reconstitution required.
• Sterile- gamma irradiated to SAL 10^-6
• Donor recovery and screening performing according to AATB and FDA guidelines
• Available in formable, flowable putty.

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